Cleared   Cleared
This series of extremely high-resolution images documents large piles of brush in South Texas. The current drought has made burning of this material (mostly mesquite) dangerous. They have become part of the landscape and many birds and animals mave made their homes here. Destruction and Creation are intimately tied together.
Drawn   Drawn
Our view of the world is incredibly limited. Bugs can see things we can’t; dogs can hear things we can’t. We do possess the intellect, though, to devise machines that can look farther into reality than we can with our own senses: microscopes, telescopes, and techniques like time exposure extend our perception.
Ever Wonder   Ever Wonder
I’ve always thought that the landscape of the Rio Grande Valley, where I grew up, forged into me what artist composition should be: long horizontal lines – the river, the sensual -- punctuated by the stark vertical of tall palm trees. It’s deep within my psyche. The horizontal is absolutely the feminine and the vertical is absolutely the masculine—the two most basic elements of all composition. 

The Valley also gave me a great appreciati... Show more.
Numbers   Numbers
In the past, most of my work has been photo-based. Though this new work is not photography, it has its roots past work. Like photography, it is “reality-based”, only not with physical objects, but more abstract concepts.

In our modern world of “millions” and “billions”, the visceral meaning and understanding of these numbers is often lost. My desire is to bring these kinds of numbers into the physical world, to produce actual visual rep... Show more.
Portrait of Wind   Portrait of Wind
Portrait of Wind is an exploration of the movement of plants in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where I grew up.
Temporal Form   Temporal Form
Excerpted from an article by Diana Lyn Roberts whch appeared in the Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, 2006

..."For all the technical discussion, Seale is mostly interested in capturing a compelling image. He likens his slit-scan technique to a finish line camera at a racetrack. “The camera is continuously ‘on’ and trained only at the finish line. The first horse to stick its nose through the plane of the finish line is captured. What... Show more.
Trains   Trains
slitscan imagery
Transient Landscape   Transient Landscape
The Transient Landscape is a series of photographs exploring landscapes and cityscapes. The slit scan technique produces many strange time-based effects, including the absence of perspective and the extreme compression or expansion of objects based on their spatial relationship to the camera and it’s operator.
Moving by train, boat, car, airplane, cable car or foot, various forms of locomotion transport the artist and his camera to scan the l... Show more.
Trees in Winter   Trees in Winter
A series utilizing random patterns in nature to reveal mathematical beauty.
Vortex   Vortex
A new series of circular works. The rectangular format presented to me by the camera is no more real or true than anything else. Since the picture plane in my work doesn't represent X and Y in space (it represents X and Time), I might as well change the coordinate system to be degrees instead of horizontal and vertical. It's the difference between looking at a map of the world and looking at a globe.
Water   Water
Abstract, yet still photographic in its depiction of rivers, streams and oceans, this ongoing series is all about flowing water. The unique properties of Seale's camera capture the ebb and flow of water, the result of which is reminiscent of Color Field painting from the 50's and 60's.