Blue By You
Blue By You is an interactive light installation composed of acrylic, aluminum and LEDs. It reacts in realtime to visitors in the Bellaire HEB foyer. As shoppers move in the space, the work responds by changing color, leaving a trail behind the person walking. The viewer becomes the creator, riding... Show more.
Nebraska Time
A large outdoor clock.
In this interactive companion piece to The People's Time, visitors are imaged as they walk on the stairs and interact with that piece. An ephemeral record of their movements is captured by a special slit scan camera and displayed on a large screen.

A single, vertical sliver of space is ima... Show more.
The People's Time
The client for this piece, Charles Schwab, is often credited with “democratizing” investment, and has driven countless innovations in the investment services industry.

The People’s Time is a kinetic sculpture, with moving gears, weights and a swinging pendulum. It harkens back to the modern... Show more.
Tricentennial Clock
Tricentennial Clock is a kinetic sculpture and timepiece sited inside a historic structure. It celebrates the 300th anniversary of San Antonio, Texas.
We're Good, Right Here
Landscapes come in many forms, especially in Texas which boasts such a wide vista. This work is an alternative South Texas landscape championing an underdog of the local native plant world, Tillandsia Recurvata commonly known as Ball Moss. This much misunderstood plant is neither moss nor parasite a... Show more.
Time is Money
One Frost is the operations center for Frost Bank. This commission is part of a large collection on 4 floors of their new building.

Time is Money is an analog timekeeping device displaying hours, minutes and seconds. The viewer infers the time from the relationship of the "hands" to unmovin... Show more.
Frost Bank Center
The unique properties of Ansen Seale's patented slit scan camera capture the ebb and flow of water around South Texas in a way that is both abstract and photographic. Rivers, streams and oceans become color field compositions in this ongoing series about flowing water.
Pape-Dawson Engineers
Large commission works for an engineering firm, located in San Antonio, Texas. Each piece is 5.5' x 20'. Slit-scan photography of water. Printed with UV cured inks on acrylic.
Pape Dawson is a civil engineering firm with special interest in water. These pieces correlate to that interest and the... Show more.
You Activate This Space
My work has always been about Time. Originally a photographer, I have stretched my work more and more to include aspects of time, like movement and change.

In this piece, forty-two backlit panels react in response to the movement of the staff through the space. As people pass each panel, th... Show more.
Works at Trinity University
Seale works with a special digital camera of his own invention. This camera swaps the horizontal dimension for the dimension of time. Instead of mirroring the world as we know it, this camera records a hidden reality. This piece is a composite of many images, some taken in the studio and some on loc... Show more.
Texas Slam: Morris Williams Jr.
This “photo/sculpture” uses a technique which draws inspiration from pointillist painting and modern color printing theory. The image consists of over one million holes filled with acrylic pigment in the subtractive primary colors.

Morris Williams Jr. was a rising star in Texas golf during... Show more.
Lila Cockrell Theater-Lobby
Confluence: Flowing Together

Four photo/sculptures permanently installed in the lobby of the Lila Cockrell Theater in San Antonio. A unique design and technique was used to create a 3-dimensional, color separated images.

Seale’s series of illuminated photographs for th... Show more.
The Lila Cockrell Theater-House Lighting
Confluence: Flowing Together

Seale’s series of illuminated photographs for the Lila Cockrell Theatre entitled “Confluence: Flowing Together” celebrates the confluence of water and cultures in and around San Antonio. Using his special panoramic camera, Seale kayaked to four different... Show more.
The Corn Crib
In 2009, I was commissioned to create a site-specific art installation on the Land Heritage Institute, a living land museum near San Antonio, Texas. It is located on a 1200-acre plot of land along the historic Medina River which once served as the official boundary between Texas and Mexico.
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Native Plants of San Antonio
This design project was commissioned by Clear Channel Airports under the supervision of the Airport and the City of San Antonio.

A special imaging technique was used to create designs that are photographic from a distance and dissolve into abstraction at closer range.

The construct... Show more.