Time is Money

One Frost is the operations center for Frost Bank. This commission is part of a large collection on 4 floors of their new building.

Time is Money is an analog timekeeping device displaying hours, minutes and seconds. The viewer infers the time from the relationship of the "hands" to unmoving index marks, just like on a standard round clock. Hours are on the left. Minutes are on the right. Seconds and index marks occupy the middle 3 stacks.

The design of the clock was meant to be a kind of visual puzzle, challenging the norms and conventions we use to tell time. As some employees figure out how to read the correct time, they could then teach others, thereby building community within the company.

The piece constantly moves and breaths as the seconds fill from top to bottom, and then collapse every minute.

One Frost main floor


Detail showing acrylic "hands" of the clock.


YouTube video


How to read the time.