In this interactive companion piece to The People's Time, visitors are imaged as they walk on the stairs and interact with that piece. An ephemeral record of their movements is captured by a special slit scan camera and displayed on a large screen.

A single, vertical sliver of space is imaged over an extended period of time, yielding the surprising result that unmoving objects are blurred and moving bodies are rendered clearly. Instead of mirroring the world as we know it, this camera records a hidden reality. No digital manipulations are applied and what looks like “distortions” in the image all happen in-camera; pure photography that changes the rules of what a camera is. Like a microscope or telescope, the machine expands our ability to perceive more about the nature of reality.

This is an unusual reality lurking just beneath the surface of our everyday visual experience. The piece discards the horizontal dimension and substitutes for it the fourth dimension, time.




Youtube video: Viewers interacting with "The People's Time" and "ClockWalk", companion pieces at Charles Schwab in Austin.